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Theatre Photos


I’m a charter member of the BRIFT Improv troupe, The Trolls

Paying Attention

Playing ‘Karen’ in Rachel Creeger’s Paying Attention (part of the ‘Whispering Theatre’ portion of the 2012 DYSPLA Festival) at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London

Desire, Desire, Desire

As ‘Maggie 2′ in the BRIFT production of Desire, Desire, Desire (An Evening Of Christopher Durang Plays)


Cut Throat

As ‘Alice/A’ in Cut Throat (part of the 2011 DYSPLA Festival) at Theatro Technis in London


Trouble In Paradise

Performing Trouble In Paradise with Klif Gehring at the BRIFT Master Acting Class Event at The Lyric Theatre (2011)


A Night At The Monte

As ‘Donatella Bravado’ in A Night At The Monte with Douglas Rill at BRIFT



As ‘Mrs. Colby’ in the 2011 BRIFT Showcase production of Chocolate, with Michael Vadnal


Brighton Beach Memoirs

As ‘Blanche’ in Brighton Beach Memoirs at The Lake Worth Playhouse

Modern Orthodox

As ‘Rachel Feinberger’ in Modern Orthodox at The Lake Worth Playhouse